Caption Health
Software & Data
Brisbane, California

Overall Rank: 78
Category: Software & Data
Category Rank: 31


  • Top HealthTech Company of 2022


Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Brisbane, California, Caption Health’s mission is to detect disease early—when there is the highest potential for impact—by leveraging artificial intelligence and ultrasound. Its team of best-in-class entrepreneurs, engineers, and clinicians are committed to transforming care, expanding access, and reducing costs.

Artificial intelligence and ultrasound technologies are not new. Yet nobody had integrated the two to drive early disease detection and create better healthcare experiences until Caption Health. It makes imaging for early disease detection possible, thus supporting an informed and personalized care pathway that saves time, resources, and positively impacts lives.

Ultrasound can be difficult to master—taking years of specialized training to learn—and image quality can vary. Simply performing the exam involves unnatural hand-eye coordination and unintuitive visuals. Traditional ultrasound software doesn’t provide instruction on how to move the ultrasound transducer to capture an image, or any real-time feedback on the quality of images being captured. However, with Caption Health’s technology, any healthcare professional can capture diagnostic-quality ultrasound images thanks to AI guiding them through every step of the scanning and image-capture process in real time.