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Based in Boulder, Colorado, Biodesix, Inc. is a leading data-driven diagnostic solutions company helping answer critical clinical questions faced by physicians, researchers, and biopharmaceutical companies, with a primary focus in lung disease. The company develops and commercializes blood-based diagnostic tests designed to address these important unmet needs in healthcare, by combining multi-omics through the power of artificial intelligence.

Biodesix is the first company to offer five non-invasive, Medicare-covered tests for lung nodule assessment and treatment guidance for patients with lung cancer. The blood-based Nodify Lung® nodule risk assessment testing strategy, consisting of the Nodify XL2® and the Nodify CDT® tests, evaluates the risk of malignancy in incidental lung nodules. The blood-based IQLung™ testing strategy for patients diagnosed with lung cancer integrates the GeneStrat® ddPCR™ test, the GeneStrat NGS™ test, and the VeriStrat® test to support treatment decisions across all stages of lung cancer. The company understands that rapid access to critical information is essential in the diagnosis and management of lung cancer. To help address this challenge, all tests deliver results in an unprecedented length of time: within a week for Nodify Lung and 36-72 hours for IQLung.

Biodesix also leverages the proprietary and advanced Diagnostic Cortex® AI platform to collaborate with many of the world’s leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies in order to solve complex diagnostic challenges. The company recently published significant advancements in transparent AI, and has broken the “black box” of AI-designed algorithms in advanced diagnostic tests.


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Key Products

The VeriStrat®

The VeriStrat® blood-based proteomic test provides predictive and prognostic information for patients diagnosed with advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).​

The GeneStrat®

The GeneStrat® blood-based genomic portfolio provides guideline-recommended actionable mutations for patients with NSCLC​ to expedite time to treatment.

The GeneStrat NGS

The GeneStrat NGS test is a blood-based assay utilizing Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) methodology to assess cell-free nucleic acids from patients with advanced cancer.

The Nodify CDT®

The Nodify CDT® blood-based lung nodule test helps identify patients with a higher risk of malignancy that can be prioritized for diagnostic intervention, potentially avoiding delays in lung cancer diagnoses and find cancer sooner.

The Nodify XL2®

The Nodify XL2® blood-based lung nodule test helps identify patients with a lower risk of malignancy that can be safely monitored with follow-up CT scans, potentially alleviating patient anxiety and avoiding unnecessary invasive diagnostic procedures.

Diagnostic Cortex® AI platform

In addition to traditional statistical methods used for known biomarker discovery, we employ a unique approach to discover innovative diagnostic tests. The proprietary Diagnostic Cortex® AI platform generates insights using biomarker data related to the tumor, immune response, and host-status along with clinical factors. This enables Biodesix to interpret the holistic disease state of each patient or clinical dataset we encounter.

The Biodesix WorkSafe Program

The Biodesix WorkSafe Program combines the latest in COVID-19 testing technology and best-in-class solutions to support the safe operation of workplaces, educational institutions, public events, and sports and recreational activities as our communities continue to manage COVID-19.


Customer Insights

“We are very pleased with the service Biodesix provided with the two samples for myself and our program manager. The turnaround time as well as the process, was excellent!” — Marie Hanson,Global Maritek Systems, Inc.


This has definitely been my best experience as a customer since I moved to the US two years ago. Great job!!!!” — Carlos Garcia, CEO, Applus+ IDIADA


“Biodesix helped Carroll College organize and test more than 1000 students on campus for COVID-19 over a one-week period. The Biodesix team was well organized, they responded to our questions promptly, and the turnaround time for testing results was as described. We are very satisfied with their work!” — Jennifer Glowienka, Carroll College