Psychiatric Medical Care Enhances Efficiency with New Workflow Software

Staying true to its commitment to delivering evidence-based mental health services, Psychiatric Medical Care has adopted Proem’s clinical workflow software. This platform enhances patient treatment and streamline data management by automating data collection and integrating seamlessly with their EHR system, Lightning Step. The software supports every step of the behavioral healthcare process, from screening and diagnosis to treatment and outcome measurement. Additionally, the software provides diagnostic tools, clinical follow-up suggestions, and real-time results, enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of patient care.

The implementation of Proem's technology has significantly impacted Psychiatric Medical Care's operations. By utilizing the software's comprehensive data capture and analysis features, the organization develops more precise treatment plans and performance improvement projects. The platform also allows multiple stakeholders, including parents, to contribute to patient assessments, providing a holistic view of patient progress. Staff members use the software throughout the treatment process, ensuring that each patient receives personalized care. The system's ability to produce detailed, real-time reports has also streamlined board reporting and compliance with The Joint Commission's standards, ultimately enhancing the overall quality of care provided.

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