Merck KGaA Partners with Biolojic Design to Develop AI-driven Antibody Therapies

Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, has initiated a collaboration with Biolojic Design, a biotechnology firm specializing in AI-driven antibody development, to advance therapies targeting cancer and immunological disorders. Biolojic Design's innovative platform harnesses computational biology and artificial intelligence to engineer multi-specific antibodies, including antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), aimed at novel therapeutic targets. This partnership underscores Merck KGaA’s strategic focus on leveraging Biolojic Design’s capabilities to create next-generation medicines that modulate human biology with precision, potentially enhancing treatment efficacy and safety.

Yanay Ofran, CEO of Biolojic Design, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, highlighting the platform’s ability to design intelligent medicines that address complex disease mechanisms. The agreement entails Biolojic Design to a significant upfront payment and research funding, with potential milestone payments totaling up to $371 million, alongside royalties on net sales. This collaboration signifies a milestone in the biopharmaceutical industry’s adoption of AI and computational design to develop transformative therapies, particularly in areas of high medical need such as autoimmune diseases and immuno-oncology. Biolojic Design, known for its pioneering work in AI-designed antibodies, continues to innovate with the goal of improving patient outcomes through sophisticated therapeutic solutions.

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