Johnson & Johnson Acquires Shockwave Medical in $13.1 Billion Deal

Johnson & Johnson (J&J) has successfully acquired Shockwave Medical, a cardiovascular device developer based in Santa Clara, in a transaction valued at approximately $13.1 billion. This strategic acquisition involved J&J purchasing all outstanding shares of Shockwave at $335 per share, thereby integrating Shockwave into J&J MedTech as a new business unit. Tim Schmid, J&J MedTech’s executive vice president and worldwide chairman, hailed the acquisition as a pivotal advancement, emphasizing the enhanced capability to deliver innovative solutions in the MedTech industry. J&J's current Medtech offering has been significantly enhanced by Shockwave's expertise in treating peripheral arterial disease (PAD) and coronary artery disease (CAD), notably through its intravascular lithotripsy (IVL) devices.

Shockwave Medical is well known for its IVL technology, which efficiently treats calcified plaque in arteries. This technology strategically aligns with J&J's well-established roles in electrophysiology (Biosense Webster) and cardiac recovery (Abiomed).  J&J Chairman and CEO Joaquin Duato highlighted the transformative potential of combining J&J’s innovative medicine and MedTech with Shockwave’s cutting-edge IVL technology to address cardiovascular disease, a leading global health concern. The integration of Shockwave into J&J is anticipated to accelerate the availability of advanced cardiovascular treatments to a broader patient population, further solidifying J&J’s leadership in the healthcare sector.

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