Epic Expands AI Capabilities in Healthcare

Epic, a leading healthcare software company, is enhancing its artificial intelligence capabilities through strategic partnerships and new initiatives. At its annual conference in Verona, WI, Epic introduced the "Partner's and Pals" program, which includes a collaboration with Emory Healthcare and Abridge to implement clinical documentation and health records solutions offered by Abridge. This move aims to leverage AI for administrative tasks within healthcare. Epic also has an expanded agreement with Microsoft to incorporate advanced AI technologies, such as note summarizing and data exploration, into its system. This collaboration builds on their existing partnership, which includes integrating Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service into Epic’s platform, earlier in 2023.

Epic has focused on older adults through various initiatives, including a 2021 study on medication overprescription and the implementation of STEADI falls prevention tools. The company's efforts to expand AI usage align with a growing trend among digital healthcare companies, as seen with telehealth provider Teladoc’s recent integration of Microsoft’s automated documentation services for Medicare beneficiaries. These developments highlight Epic's commitment to advancing AI applications in healthcare and improving administrative efficiency.

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