Blood Purification Advances Highlight Aethlon Medical’s Innovations

Aethlon Medical, a specialist in the treatment of infectious disorders and cancer, was just highlighted by for its’ first installment in a series of blood-purifying medical device innovations. Aethlon is well-known for its proprietary Hemopurifier® equipment, which has shown promising results in in vitro studies for removing exosomes and viruses from the bloodstream. The technology has received an FDA "Breakthrough Device" designation for treating advanced or metastatic cancer and various life-threatening viruses. Aethlon is preparing for phase 1 clinical trials in Australia and India to evaluate the Hemopurifier® in oncology patients who are unresponsive to anti-PD-1 monotherapy.

Aethlon's Hemopurifier® aims to address unmet medical needs in this expanding market. The company's recent progress includes integrating new data on exosome removal into clinical trial documentation and seeking Ethics Committee approvals. Aethlon's collaboration with Medanta Medicity Hospital in India, which is already studying the Hemopurifier for COVID-19 patients, may extend to oncology trials. Positive outcomes from these trials could enhance Aethlon's commercial prospects and contribute significantly to advancing cancer treatment technologies.

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