B-Secur and Galen Data Unite to Enhance Cardiac Monitoring Technology

B-Secur and Galen Data have joined forces to enhance cardiac health monitoring for device manufacturers. B-Secur is known for its advanced biosensing technology, while Galen Data is a trusted software platform for medical device-to-cloud connectivity and data analysis.  This partnership combines Galen Data's highly secure and compliant medical device cloud platform with B-Secur's HeartKey® Technology. The integration provides, up-to-the-minute monitoring, effortless cloud integration, strong data management, and seamless integration with Electronic Health Records. With the help of these combined capabilities, medical device companies can greatly decrease their software development timelines, costs, and operational risks. This enables them to provide an efficient and comprehensive solution for cardiac health monitoring.

Galen Data's COO, Alex Condon, and B-Secur's CCO, Brian Pitstick, both emphasized the shared vision of enhancing cardiac care through innovative technology. They highlighted the partnership's potential to provide cardiac device manufacturers with unparalleled insights and capabilities, showcasing the benefits of cloud-based medical device data platforms. With the global cardiac monitoring market expected to reach $16 billion by 2030, this partnership represents a timely advancement in cardiac care technology. The goal is to drive innovation, offering a reliable and comprehensive platform that revolutionizes patient monitoring and supports the future of cardiac care.

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