Advanced Simulator Enhances Medical Device Testing and Cardiac Care

Medical devices play a crucial role in healthcare, requiring thorough testing to guarantee safety and effectiveness. Testing simulators that replicate medical settings can hasten the development process, making the testing process more efficient and cost-effective. The cardiovascular system poses significant challenges for simulation due to its complexity and the variety of devices it accommodates. Rocchi et al. have created a cutting-edge simulator that includes a soft robotic left ventricle, offering a practical and adaptable testing environment. It employs two gear pumps to regulate left ventricular volume and pressure, resulting in realistic pressure-volume loops that are crucial for precise physiological simulation.

With the use of echogenic polyvinyl alcohol, the soft robotic left ventricle enables ultrasound imaging during simulation sessions. The design was tested against clinical data, demonstrating high accuracy and realism across various scenarios. The simulator shows promise for practical applications, such as testing ventricular assist devices and 3D ultrasound imaging techniques. It can serve as a decision support system in clinical settings, helping with device selection and treatment planning for particular patients. It can also give tailored therapy characterization. This advanced simulator represents a significant step forward in medical device testing and cardiac care innovation.

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